Review: Kworld USB 2.0 Combo TV Box (KW-TVUSB7011R)
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 12/13/2003
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  • esabogal

    I would said it’s correct. I had the same problems with this box.

    Some points you dind’t mentioned were:
    1. There’s a high pitch sound, very annoying, on some channels.
    2. The video capture driver appears – disappears like magic; so third party software sometimes “sees” the box, others no.
    3. The pass through mode doesn’t works (vga output of computer to box and monitor pluged to box); do not know if the issue has to do with the resolution and/or refresh frequency.

    And as you stated: better stay away from it if you don’t want to solve problems.

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  • chinaheart

    totally agree with the review. I did not have any problem watching TV directly using my monitor (without turning on the PC). The picture was smooth but color was somewhat washed out. The on screen color adjustment was limited.

    When I tried to watch TV using the software, my PC would often lock up. Recording is out of question, 10sec is the maximum I got out of this box, then I have to cold boot.

    It is cheaply made and has a lot bugs.

    I tried to look up Kworld’s website,, can’t even find this model. Does anyone know where to find the product info on Kworld’s website?

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  • mannitol

    The review is very accurate. Has anyone gotten this device to work? I have it working to the point where it can record video but I have an out of sync problem with the audio. I turned all background programs off (windows xp pro) and even tried 800X600 16m colors rather then my usual 1024X768 32m colors – it made no difference – the video records but a few minutes into the recording a “blip” or “lock up” happens and then the video and audio go out of sync. The recording does continue but what good is that if the video and audio are out of sync? Any suggestions? Anything else I could turn off? One thing I found was with a VIA chip set use the windows USB 2 drivers rather then the VIA drivers – this solved my USB read error problem with out using the honetech software out of date drivers. Any suggestions regarding the out of sync problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • here is the url to this device on the kworld website.

    As far as the out of sync problems with audio and video, everytime I tried to contact Kworld’s tech support I would never get a response so I don’t have any knowledge to pass along.

    Thanks to all for posting comments to this review.

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  • buzz555

    Hi guys,

    I’m glad I’ve found this group of others trying to get this thing to work. I think the idea behind this box was good (to have something which can be a stand-alone tuner, and also a USB-based PC capture/tuner).

    In standalone mode, it works pretty decently. I just wish the “Sleep” feature would work for Svideo and Composite, as well as just the coax input. If any of you don’t find the picture clear enough, try adjusting levels to these: Brightness-47, Contrast-37, Color-40, Hue-25, Sharpness-0. Also, it’s annoying that they didn’t include the FM tuner circuitry; it would have been nice if they had gone the extra mile.

    However, the *beep* software (Honestech PVR software) is horrible, so it makes the PC mode practically useless. I also have the same problem as another poster — the audio lags behind the video about 1 or 2 seconds. This makes me feel as if I am on an acid trip and watching some badly-dubbed old 70’s kung fu movies all the time.

    Luckily, I was able to use Intervideo WinDVR 3 with this (sort of — only the composite input will work; I can’t get it to switch to any of the other three modes).

    So I think it is the lack of properly installed WDM drivers that will keep 3rd party apps from working correctly. Until we can find the WDM drivers, we’ll be stuck with the crappy Honestech software. Fyi, the actual model number of this Kworld USB 2.0 Combobox is KW-TVUSB7011R, and the chipset being used is the VX-7011. Read the following webpage if you want to check out the chipset:


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  • adiaga


    I have one of this tv tuners too and I can make it work with another application than that supplied with it. If anyone knows a way to make it work with other applications please reply.



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  • emegal

    Could anyone send me or give me an address for drivers for Kworld USB 2.0 Combo TV Box (KW-TVUSB7011R) ;;

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  • ShrimpCrackers

    I made the trouble of calling Taiwan and utilizing my Taiwanese; the drivers are at the very bottom of their site: (Please scroll to the very bottom where it says ‘USB2.0_ComboTVBOX’)

    For the lazy, here is the direct link (Its 171.05MB and the link is SLOW! I recommend that you use FireFox or a download accelerator like LeechGet to download.)

    Whoever completes the file, please upload it somewhere or tell me where I could get it (my contact info is at so I could upload it to a much faster server for your convenience. Keep in mind that (select the drop down from the upper left corner and choose ‘Global’) is being maintained, while is no longer being updated. This forum is the last link to all the thousands of USB 2.0 ComboT V BOX owners out there to find drivers. Please make sure this thread or post is maintained or kept alive.

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    • stefan

      please send me KWorld-tvusb7011r usb 2.0 combo tv-box software
      Thank You

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      • Sorry, I got rid of my box a long time ago and I no longer have the software.

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  • atsaloux

    Hello everybody…

    I face tha same problems as you. No solution found till now.

    I’d like to make 2 questions.

    1. I cannot run TV PVR from a non-administrator account. I get message “application not istalled” or something similar.
    Is there a way to run tv program from common accounts?

    2. (maybe silly question but i didn’t find the ansewer). I have some channels on random generated program number . eg. at 32 , at 24 e.t.c . How can i set my favorite program to listen for example on channel number 1?
    I hope tha my english is not so terrible…


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  • lbanias

    I feel very sorry that I disregarded your cons… I just bought this tuner and I can’t wait to sell it !
    Here are my complains :
    1. It has to work withou problems on an LCD, right ? Well I have it connected to an Asus MM17T 17″ LCD monitor and I can watch channels but the monitor gives me “out of range” message that gives me the idea that the TV Box output resolution is way lower (640/480???) than the LCD (native resolution 1280/1024). I was able to see the PC with 800/600, but 1280/960 gives me the same message. So, I guess the fault lies in the middle…
    2.The same problem as atsaloux found : how can I associate a channel/frequency with a number of the remote control ? That’s because the auto search is useless without it. And here in Europe EPG is not working. Even so, it should have a manual procedure as normal TVs.
    It seems that the auto search it’s not common for both direct connection and USB connection, or am I wrong ?
    3.The auto search is storing a lot of channnels that are really just a noise…
    4. The recording is not even an option if you don’t have a strong processor and a video card. My desktop has 866MHz Pentium3,512 MB RAM and 16M Nvidia RivaTNT2 video card, an USB2.0 PCI card (more that minimum requiremnt) and I can’t even see smoothly TV , it stops or desyncs with audio. Connected to my laptop (Intel P4 2400MHz, 512 MB RAM, 16MB video taken from RAM, and only USB 1.1) and still the reception is far from being close to a TV.

    I also upgraded the drivers without any improvements…

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  • jindosyrie

    If yours kworld are still in warranty time, you can contact [email protected] for a replacement.

    or go to .

    I sent a complaint and they asked me to send back the product. They answered my inquiry promptly and said the replacement is on its way to me…

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  • CryStaL

    can anybody give me the drivers for this tv box

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