Review: Magellan eXplorist 600 GPS
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 07/20/2005
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  • scooby270

    The features are impressive: SD card, USB interface, ion battery, same user interface.

    What is not so impressive:

    All tracks, waypoints, regions used with previous versions of Magellan GPS like the ColorTrak are not compatible. Did Thales think that there would be users upgrading??? To add salt to the wound, the tech support for Thales does not have a reasonable answer or solution to the problem. Tech support said to try easygps, gpsbable, or gsak for a possible solution. “Possible”? Is this the trend with tech support these days???

    Also, the previous version of Data Send is not compatible. You will need to order the new 3d version for an extra $70-100 bucks.

    Is it worth it? I have yet to discover.

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  • muthaf

    I’ve just used GPSU to move the waypoints from my Sportrak Pro to my new eXplorist 600. Seems OK right now and have even managed to split them into different files based on countries I visit. So far so good, the thing that does upset me is the silly message when the device can’t find any satellites. I normally turn my Sportrak Pro on and let it sort itself out. Now with the eXplorist 600 I have to wait for the message to appear and clear it before I can continue. This has caused me to lose 1 track already but since it was a short one I didn’t mind too much.

    Second problem I have is that Magellan do not yet sell the batteries for the eXplorist 600 so I shall be taking my Sportrak Pro with me as a backup for quite a while.


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