Review: US Modular Dragon Drive
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 09/24/2005
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  • ShaneT

    I purchased this US Modular 40gb dragon drive, through Amazon, through Tiger Direct in early July of 2007. It was refurbished and was priced at $60. It worked perfectly for 3 months and then died. I only moved the unit twice. It was never dropped or exposed to extreme temperatures.

    I called Tiger Direct and they sent me to the manufacturer – US Modular. I called them for 3 days and did not get through. I e-mailed them and got no response for another 3 days. I started calling again and finally got someone on the phone after another 2 days of calling. I got an RMA but I was told that they would only attempt non-invasive (software) recovery and I was afraid to put the unit in the mail. So I took it to 3 different local data recovery places to do non-invasive recovery and none of them succeeded. Then I took it to a 3rd and agreed to pay $500 for an invasive recovery to retrieve the irreplaceable data (wedding pics, written documents etc�) that was on the drive. I was told it was beyond recovery.

    I sent the drive in with delivery confirmation. They received it on Monday December 3rd. After a week I started calling to find the status of my drive. I called for 3 days again leaving multiple messages. I e-mailed and got no response. I called and talked to people in other departments and they said they would tell tech support to contact me. Still nothing. I begged and pleaded on the voice mail and through e-mail always being courteous. All I wanted was a tracking number or some kind of estimate. I got nothing.

    I received the new unit today December 26th after spending over $100 and hours of my time over a period of 2 months. I will personally NEVER buy another US Modular product. Being an IT professional myself I will be sure that everyone I work with (as well as friends and family) avoids the brand. Product flaws can be forgiven, non-existent customer service can not.

    Shane Tiernan

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  • I am sorry that you had these problems. I am still using my drive with no problems. As you probably know drives fail and it is impossible to know when it will happen, but it happens to every brand out there. I have had drives from Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital and IBM all fail on me. Because of this it is vital that you keep backups of all your important documents and photos. I have personally lost photos before and I now backup my hard drives using my Windows Home Server.

    I hear stories about people loosing important data all the time and I am surprised that they would spend hundreds of dollars on recovery techniques but they don’t backup their data. Hard drives are cheap you should always have 3 or threes copies of every piece of data.

    Good luck with your next hard drive and I hope you back it up.

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