Review: Canon PowerShot G6 Digital Camera
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 01/10/2006
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  • I had to send my PowerShot G6 in for service and I wanted to give you all a short description of what happened.

    I contacted Canon because I was having problems with my PowerShot G6. At first I emailed them from the website to get service. They indicated that I needed to send the camera with the receipt to their service center. I did not have a receipt because I bought the camera on EBay.

    I contacted the service center and asked them what kind of documentation I needed to send with the camera so that I could get is serviced. They indicated that I only need to send the registration card. In fact they recommended that I send a photocopy of the registration card so that I could keep the original. They also indicated that I usually takes about 4 weeks to service cameras.

    I sent the camera in on May 12th with the copy of the registration card and short description of the problems that I had. About 2 weeks later I got a letter in the mail, documentation that they got the camera and what accessories they received with the camera. In my case, I only sent the lens cap. They also indicated in the letter that from there preliminary inspection everything would be covered by the warranty. They also game me a web link that I could use to track the progress of the service.

    Knowing that information in the letter was at least a week old I went online and checked the status. It indicated that the repairs were complete and it was ready to be shipped back.

    On week later I checked the status again and I indicated that it had been shipped and also included a tracking number. I went on the shipper�s website and found that the camera was going to be delivered the next day.

    When I got the camera I immediately tried it out and I am happy to report that everything is fixed. I also made a small mark on the camera before I sent it in to see if they sent the same camera back. The mark was still on the camera when I got it back.

    I am very happy that Canon makes it very easy to get service on their products, despite their poor warranty.

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