Review: Interactive Toy FireFly
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 06/25/2007
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  • Interactive toy sent me a new Firefly and I noticed that there were a few upgrades.

    As you know I busted up my old Firefly and so I sent that one back to Interactive Toy so they could evaluate the damage I caused. A few weeks later I got a new one from them. This one looks like they fixed most of the parts I broke. It was too quick for them to have fixed it because of my feedback, so it seems they have been getting feedback from others.

    The first big change is that they added a charging base. As you may remember on the old Firefly you plugged it into the controller and then plugged the controller into the wall with an included AC adapter. With the new one the base can either take 6 C batteries or plug into the wall. Unfortunately, the Firefly does not come with an AC adapter this time.

    Another change is in the blade assembly. On the last Firefly I had I not only broke the blades, but I also broke the part that held the blades together. On this new Firefly it looks like they upgraded the assembly with some metal parts so it resists breaking better.

    The third change is the gears that turn the blades. One of the problems I had with the gears is that just about every time I crashed the gears would become unaligned and I would have to realign them. The new Firefly has much larger disks on top to keep the gears aligned. You will also remember that I broke one of the gears on the last Firefly. I don’t know if the bigger disks will make the gears more or less susceptible to breaking.

    The last notable change is the antenna that used to be on the tail of the Firefly. The new Firefly now has the antenna in the left front leg. You will notice that it is slightly bigger then the other legs. You can see this in the image above.

    I do believe that the upgrades are an improvement, but I found a new problem. This may be just my Firefly. but i noticed that the up and down control on the controller is very stiff and it can get stuck in one position. Also the Firefly does not respond to subtile adjustments as much as it used to. These things together make the Firefly a little more difficult to use. For example, I have crashed the Firefly more than once and the blades did not turn off when I released the controller because the up and down controller got a little stuck.

    If you are out shopping for a Firefly make sure you get the upgraded one. I think it is built a little better and it will last longer. I don’t think the sticky controller is going to be a big problem because over time it will loosen up.

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