Review: Acer Aspire One Laptop
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Reviewed by Ryan Knaus on 10/16/2008
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  • Anomalovaho

    should have gone with the LINUX VERSION, IT’S REAL KOOL

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  • Love my Aspire One

    You can see more detailed information about the partition sized on your system by doing this:
    -Right Click on My Computer
    -Select Manage
    -Click on Drive Management on the left
    -Click on C: drive in the right hand side window
    -View below and see how large the partitions are on your drive.

    My restoration partition is 4.88GB

    So far, this thing is rocking! I am using it in class, in a silent room the fan can be heard, but other than that I don’t even notice it.

    Plugged in a mouse and external monitor when at home for bigger work, it is a very versatile ‘does most things anyone would need to do’ portable.

    Definitely will be getting the 6 cell battery but other than that, I have no complaints.

    In my experience and opinion, you can’t go wrong for an XP netbook. Got mine at Walmart for $298, just awesome.

    I love Linux and have Ubuntu on here now too, but too many old apps or special software won’t install quite right in WINE.

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  • Sean

    I hate it!!! It is slow,slow,slow…This is my first and last Acer… After hearing so many positive reviews from my friends etc…on other Acers. I am just upset that Acer would sell this piece of crap at any price.

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  • max

    agreed….mine is a hunk of crap too, the music stutters, it’s takes a few MINUTES to boot up, i can’t have more that 2 tabs up without it glitching, and the noise it makes when you plug something in plays randomly….even when i am away from it.

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  • Brad

    This system is absolutely awesome.
    First, I suggest cleaning up some of the extra apps that are stuck on it.
    Second, I took the effort to pull out the 512Mb stick and put in a 1Gb in its place. That makes a ton of difference, but it is something that you want to do only if you are confident enough with a good handful of screws and about 20-30 minutes of focus. Otherwise, find someone who will do it for you.
    Third, realize that when you unplug the power the processor speed drops in half for power saving. There are apps out there that will allow you to bypass that when you want.
    It is not a desktop replacement, but with a little bit of effort, it can run almost anything short of resource heavy games.
    It is a netbook, it is portable and convenient, bump up the RAM and ditch the extra apps and it will rock.

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    • steve w

      which apps and how-i have the aspire one 150 with 160 gig and 1gig of ram?
      steve waldman

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      • Brad

        Steve W,

        I got rid of the MS Office Trial, McAfee, anything that I didn’t have an immediate need for. Google Chrome runs amazingly fast on here too.
        I ran msconfig and looked at the items that automatically started up and evaluated whether I needed them and turned their auto-starting off either there or in the actual programs themselves.
        Defrag once the system is cleaned out.
        The program I use to control hardware/fan/webcam/screen settings is a1ctl:
        You can turn off the LAN, wifi, webcam to save power. Change the processor to or from 800MHz or Dynamic mode… Control what temp the fans turn on etc. Read up on it, it is essential for XP.
        I also took another step and dual booted it with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. It is running absolutely smoothly and damn quick with no adjustments needed.
        That is how I am using mine.. if you need anything else just let me know.

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