Review: TomTom GO 930 GPS with Traffic Receiver
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 11/09/2008
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  • I recently purchased the Nuvi 780, and love it! Unlike some others here, I find that it locates satellites and shows my location very quickly (within a few seconds of booting up).

    There is a major street in my area that is about 8 months old and wasn’t on the Nuvi’s map. I registered my new purchase on Garmin’s website, and downloaded the latest map for free (as well as some software updates). After installation, the previously missing street is now on my Nuvi! I have also added some POI’s to the Nuvi for red light cameras. Highly recommended! I have been using Live Search Maps, and downloading places as well as routes to the Nuvi….. awesome addition! The MSN Direct features are certainly nice to have, although I wish the “traffic” content included major surface streets with it’s list of highways. This is my first GPS device, and I love it!

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