Review: Antec Fusion Remote Case
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 01/02/2009
Editors' rating: 9.7/10
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  • Jacko Ammerlaan

    Good review, this made the desicion to use the Antec as a base of my HTPC

    I read that you have problems with the harmony, this trigerred me to do a bit research (I also have a Harmony). On a harmony forum ( in dutch) I found that this a kown issue , issues are not reaction, reacting twice or doing something else .This can be solved by changing a registry key

    Change key EnableDebounce from 1 to 0.

    It had something to do with the fact that MCE checks the signals twice and the harmony send it only once.

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  • Mark b

    This should be 5 out of 10 for Performance. 3 MAJOR features are 100% broken.

    1) The LCD can’t be turned off when the PC is on, complete Fail. Not everyone wants a bright blue light on 24/7. That’s common sense.

    2) The IR receiver and remote didn’t work and you just brushed it off. That’s a major function and part of this piece of equipment and it flat out didn’t work. Why did you ignore this and gloss over it. That’s like saying “Oh the power supply doesn’t work, so I just went and bought another one and used that instead.

    3) Lastly the volume knob doesn’t work??! Come on now. Does this case do ANYTHING besides hold your motherboard?

    Every “feature” that supposedly makes this different than a plain black box is 100% broken.

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Review: Antec Fusion Remote Case, reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 2009-01-02T00:54:31+00:00 rating 9.7 out of 10