Introducing Amazon Kindle 2
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 02/09/2009
  • Adrian near Seattle

    I’m curious about the “Search Web” feature “Search Web,, Kindle Store, and Your Kindle Library where customers’ purchased content is stored” — is there a browser? That would be hard to believe.

    I know you can upload PDF’s in kindle format for .10 each to your Kindle address, but searching the web??

    It’s a mind-boggling piece of technology. But like Scoble, I wouldn’t consider it until the price drops–to maybe $200.

    Unlike him, I will also wait for a bigger screen. It’s a bit too small of a reading area for my liking at present.

    By the time I might afford it (recession aside) I bet the technology will have converged with a Tablet PC. That will be sweet indeed.

    Thanks for the concise overview.

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