Review: Dell Mini 9 Netbook
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 02/21/2009
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  • Robert

    “For a device this small the manufacturer should ditch the keyboard and make it into a tablet. A tablet this size can have an onscreen keyboard that you can use with your thumbs, like the iPhone. Using this keyboard long term will probably result in some major hand cramping.”

    Having used an onscreen keyboard of a similar size I can tell it sucked for anything more then the very basics. For an iPhone it’s ok. but for a real computer it sucks.

    While you could possibly get hand cramping from the dell mini 9’s keyboard, you would get the same thing with an onscreen type, because they would need to fit in the same physical space.

    FWIW I hated the keyboard on my Asus EeePc 701 but the Dell Mini 9 keyboard is a great compromise for those who don’t want a netbook that is bigger than 9″ I have yet to get hand cramps and I use it a lot.

    The perfect design option I see, is a keyboard where each half slides out sideways, like that on a laptop years ago (can’t remember the make/model)


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  • abby

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