Good-Bye Clutter: Logitech Harmony 900 Remote Controls
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 08/11/2009
  • Nunyafb

    I own a Harmony 720 it’s a great remote and until recently I didn’t need a sleep function. So I went to the setup software to add this basic button. to my surprise no such function exists. This is as basic a function as you can have in a universal remote. I’ve seen posting for workarounds but they leave your remote out if synch. I’ve seen post extolling the NEW HARMONY 900 which has this function WOW $400 to add 1 function that should have been there already. Let me say I could build a single purpose robot that could physically push the power button for $400. If Logitech wants to charge everyone for this programming then do so I’ll pay $10 to get something I should already have but if that’s what it takes so be it.

    In “Their” defense there is nothing on the packaging that’s says this function is available, then again there is nothing that says it not, this is because I as well as many of U expected the function to be there in the 1st place. I may buy a new remote and it may cost $400 but it won’t be a Logitech if they won’t stand up and make right what is clearly a wrong.

    Normally I would recommend that if you feel as I do that this function should be there you should send them an email requesting politely that a firmware upgrade B made adding a sleep mode function to all their existing remotes that have internal timers (they all do). Include in the text that they clearly already have the programming code (from the HARMONY 900) and modifying it for the existing remotes would be very easy. Like I said NORMALLY that is what I would recommend except I can’t find anywhere what the customer support email address is. I even tried Googling to find it but no such luck I did find a toll free number for sales it is 800-231-7717 call them and again respectfully request the firmware change. If enough people call their toll free number (Call often) they may get the hint. I’m sure they will delete this message soon so please take action now.

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    • As a professional software developer this topic is personal. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect a company to push back new features to old devices. How would they ever sell a new device if all the old ones automatically got updated? They have to sell new devices to stay in business. When your favorite software program comes out with a new version do you demand that they push back all the new features to the old version for free? How do they get paid for all the time they spent writing the new feature? Why not demand that the TV company add the sleep feature? Then you could use IR capture to add it to the remote.

      Also how could they possibly list all the things it cannot do? Where would it end? Do they need to say “It won’t clean your house” or “it won’t steal your socks?” the list would be endless. You MUST always assume that if the feature is not listed, then it is not included.

      Also their support email is easy to find. It is a form you have to fill out. Here is how you get to it:
      1. go to
      2. click the “Support” link at the top of the page
      3. on the right side of the page lick “Email support”
      4. on the bottom of the page click “Email support”
      5. in the middle of the page click “Email us”
      6. fill out the form and click “Continue”

      Also since you lived without it for so long it is obviously not an essential feature. If you are having trouble sleeping and want to watch TV until you pass out, why not try reading a book. It works for me every time I try it. I am out within a few minutes of picking up a book, and when I do finally fall asleep the book does not need a sleep function to turn off. My latest book was “The Hobbit” I highly recommend it, it is very good.

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