Review: Epson WorkForce 610 All-in-One Printer
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 11/23/2009
Editors' rating: 8.6/10
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  • Karen Graber

    We received a 610 printer for Christmas. Paper feeding is impossible. The machine either will not feed the paper through telling us there is a paper jam when no paper has moved or sends a blank sheet through and then will not print or prints once then the next sheet will not feed. We traded the machine in for a second machine which immediately did not feed paper. We have been told by Epson we have to try using Epson paper which is unavailable in our area. Has anyone else had problems to your knowledge with this. Epson service for us has been horrible. My husband sat on the phone for hours just being transferred. If you haven’t had any such complaints, do you have any suggestions of anything we might be doing wrong. My son, who works with computers, and my husband are pretty knowledgeable but cannot figure this one out. Any information or comments would be appreciated.

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    • This sounds really bizarre, two printers and neither of them feed paper. What kind of paper are you using, regular or cardstock? I didn’t have any trouble feeding either regular or photo paper, I did not try thick paper like cardstock. I think their comment about using Epson paper is crazy. I use generic paper that I bought at Costco and it works just fine.

      If this is for home use I would recommend that you take it back and get an Artisan 810 instead. It does a much better job with photos and it has all the same features as the 610. I have had an 810 for about 6 months and I have never had a problem.

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    • A. Barrett

      I had the same exact problem with the 610 – I bought it at Best Buy as I was searching for a wireless all-in-one with an auto document feeder. My other concern was expensive ink cartridges, which were all very pricey on the models they had in stock, so I chose the 610 as the sales rep said I should get a decent volume output with Epson cartridges. I guess he wasn’t aware, or left out the fact that if your color cartridges are empty, you CANNOT PRINT on the black cartridge and/or with black ink only! All other printers I’ve owned including those used at work will print in black/white or grayscale utilizing the black cartridge if the color one is empty. I am convinced this is a ploy by Epson to force consumers to purchase their expensive ink cartridges! (When I called support about it, the Epson rep said to me “you need to use a color cartridge to print black since black is made up of different colors….” talk about BS!!)

      But I also had a horrific time with the paper feed, from day one it wouldn’t properly take paper, it would continuously stick in the feeder & jam, until finally it stopped working altogether, the rollers wouldn’t hold the paper at all. Of course, I used ‘regular’ copy paper, not ‘specialty Epson paper,’ which is only a waste of money! Along with the ink cartridges, I guess the printers are set up to only use Epson paper, another ploy to rip-off consumers.

      I also have to mention how LOUD this printer is – it sounds like a freight train! If you don’t expect it, you’ll jump out of your skin when it starts to print!

      I had it less than 7 months when the feeder completely broke; it was under warranty so upon instructions from Epson Support I sent it back for return/exchange, but I included a letter with a copy of my receipt requesting either an upgrade to the Artisan 810 or a full refund, as I paid $199 for it, where the Artisan 810 is also listed for $199 on the Epson store site; it is also priced less than that with over 10 retailers on (including Amazon). I requested they contact me if this would be a problem, so I can discuss other options if it were. Not only did they NOT contact me, they just sent me back a REFURBISHED 610, and didn’t even give me the courtesy of including new ink cartridges which were in the returned printer (you had to leave them in on the return). Of course I called Epson’s customer service only to be told they are ‘very sorry and understand my frustration’ (how patronizing but it’s the script for every call center – if they really were sorry they’d help you!) They said the warranty won’t allow an upgrade unless the model is discontinued however I cannot find that verbiage on the warranty. So I am stuck with this printer that I do not want but like all other cheap products made overseas that cost Americans and arm & leg I have no choice. I guess I can report it to the Better Business Bureau, but I doubt anything would come of it – corporations rule in this country, and the customer is NEVER right.

      I just hope enough people read this review so they too don’t get stuck with this crappy printer!

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    • Jeff

      I too, have had unbelievably terrible experience with the Epson. I really feel like just giving up on Epson altogether and throwing this one against the wall.
      I am soooo angry because while this is supposed to be an all in one, it is more of an all in none. I could not get most of the functions to work and I ran out of black ink really quickly (and that was with the 97 cartridge which is supposed to be the most phenomenal cartridge. So I bought two more double packs of this same cartridge knowing that I would use more black by far.
      After putting the new cartridge in I was going crazy and after trouble shooting, I ended up using half of the new cartridge just on trying to get things to work.
      I have had sooo many Epsons with good results, so when I bought this one I didn’t even hesitate.
      I have only been able to send faxes as long as I supervise it, but have someone to fax me anything and I won’t get it.
      From what I understand there is no built in memory to back you up, just in case you don’t get a printed fax.
      Well, I never got even one printed fax!
      And I had sooo many “Paper Jams”
      I am expecting Epson to perform a miracle for me because I don’t want this model or anything near it.
      I have embarrassed myself in front of Clients and I am an engineer so why couldn’t I get this to work.
      If Epson doesn’t jump through hoops for me I will not be buying any more Epson again! I do not like being so forceful, but I have gotten really burnt on this All in One and I am sure that Epson is quite aware of the problem and they should have some kind of recall, but many companies do not like to admit any consistently bad product.
      In the past Epson has been one of the best color printers if not the best, so what happened.
      I will get back to all of you and let you know how it turns out…
      Jeff Y.

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  • kk

    I was doing a search to find out what to do about my epson 610 that won’t load paper when I came across these comments. Wish I’d seen them before my purchase four months ago. Without any warning or hiccups beforehand it just stop loading the paper, it goes through the motions but does not pick it up. I too found out the hard way if one of the color cartridges is empty you can not print at all. Not even plain type in black ink. I thought it was great until now,but it is useless if you can’t load the paper

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    • A. Barrett

      Well it makes a wonderful giagantic ash-tray!

      My ‘refurbished’ one is still in the box – when I sent the original one for repair I went back to using my HP wired printer – and even with the inconvenience of not being wireless it still works great with no issues – including printing with ONLY the black cartridge – and not loud enough to wake the dead. Money is so tight for me, and I feel like I threw $200 out my window on that other piece of crap! I hate Epson now, those greedy corporate pricks!

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  • Dave

    Not a happy person right now. My Epson printer was working fine then all of a sudden it ripped a corner of a piece of paper. Now it will not feed anymore paper. The problem is everywhere I look on the printer I cannot find the torn piece of paper. It is very strange can’t find the paper now I can’t at all use the printer. It is now all wasted I have extra ink and now no printer to use it in.. It’s a  total waste of time to deal with customer service. I have had it with Epson.. I left them once before, I never should have went back.. Epson is garbage in my opinion.

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Review: Epson WorkForce 610 All-in-One Printer, reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 2009-11-23T13:18:50+00:00 rating 8.6 out of 10