Review: KWorld External ATSC/QAM TVBox HDMI Edition (SA295-Q DE)
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 12/07/2009
Editors' rating: 8.2/10
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  • Terrance Roth

    I live in a small flat and don’t have a lot of room. By using this device, I was able to (cheaply!) turn for LCD on my computer into a HIGH-DEFINITION television — complete with remote control! Wow. For $100 bucks this is totally a steal.

    Thanks for sharing, Ryan.

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  • kctobyjoe

    How ‘high’ does the tuner go up to 100’s; 200’s what???

    Channel XYZ…what is it’s limits?

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  • tvfool

    A marvelous product! I bought the sub-d/VGA version and I am very satisfied with performance. The antenna is fairly weak, but a larger one would not fit in with the rest of the components in the allotted shipping box. One can easily build a far better antenna. See: Coat Hanger HD antenna.

    I found the tuner to be better than the TV’s in-built ATSC tuner. The missing “sharp” control is no big problem as the TV has this feature anyway.

    The unit purportedly uses only 10watts, but the warmth emanating from the topside suggests otherwise. It feels warmer than “10 watts” of waste heat.

    If this product lasts the life of a TV then it is an amazing deal and could actually save you lots of money. I’ve hooked the KWorld tuner box to my 10 year old 27 inch Toshiba with the component video option. Wow! My old CRT outperforms one of my LCDs when used with the KWorld tuner. I get nearly a dozen crystal clear and stable channels using the KWorld tuner.

    I would run out and buy 10 more units if I knew ahead of time that the Canadian government will not give out coupons for analog/digital conversion. We just don’t know what will transpire yet.

    Regardless of what happens during the upcoming conversion, this is a must have product for the videophile.

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  • Vite

    I want to use it on Costa Rica, here´s only 2 digital channel so i want to know if it work well with normal tv cable company

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Review: KWorld External ATSC/QAM TVBox HDMI Edition (SA295-Q DE), reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 2009-12-07T14:45:27+00:00 rating 8.2 out of 10