Delta’s horrible baggage policies
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 01/10/2010
  • Mike

    This story even made me mad and I will gladly share it with all of my business traveling colleagues that spend thousands of dollars every year flying.

    Having reasonable limits for checked bags and charging when those limits are breached is the only fair thing to do.

    Thanks for sharing this story.

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  • PK Habib

    I hear ya! Kind of suspicious that your lotion was opened up inside your bag after they opened it to inspect it… Was it a small bottle? They might not have let you carry it on because it’s technically a liquid, but I think I would rather have thrown it out than go through that ordeal.

    I gave up on American not so much because of the checked baggage policy (always try to do carry-on rather than wait for your baggage at the carousel, and then you’re lucky if’s even there), but because of how much they charge you if you want to reschedule a flight; I lost something like $175 on a regular ticket for that reason. But to them I guess I’m just another customer…that they lost to SouthWest 🙂

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  • Steph

    I have also had a HORRIBLE experience with the Delta baggage office. My husband and I went to New York about two weeks ago. As we got home, we got off the plane and went to get our stroller (that they pink tagged). I unfolded it and went to put my son in it, and it tipped weird. Come to find out, they had broken off the left rear wheel, and bent the metal bar on the right rear wheel.

    They told us to go to the baggage claim office and file a claim. We did and they told us to just buy a new one and bring back the receipt. They would then send us a check in 7-10 days.

    I came home and got online to order another stroller and found out the company no longer makes them. After more searching I find out that the only other company to make them, has also discontinued them. It was a Kelty Convertible (it’s a stroller that can change into a backpack without taking the child out). The only way to replace it is to buy one used off of Ebay or Craigslist. One problem with this, there is only one on Ebay and it is an older model. There are a ton on Craigslist, but all but 3 are the older models. I email the 3 people and only one will be willing to ship it to me. I take mine to UPS and find out it will be almost $100 to package and ship it. I go back to to Delta, spending over an hour and five dollars in parking, and they tell me there is no way they are going to cover that much for shipping. They tell me the highest they will go is $165. Unfortunately the stroller itself is $120. The manager treated me like I was an idiot. He kept pulling up all these websites that “supposedly” sold the stroller. The only problem was that he didn’t listen when I told him that i had already pulled all of them up. But when you go to purchase the stroller, they either say “backordered”, “out of stock”, or “discontinued”. I almost laughed when he showed me the one that said “backordered”, and he told me maybe they wouldn’t be one backorder anymore. And I’m the idiot?? How can a product stop being on backorder when the company no longer makes it?? I leave even more enraged than I was when I got there.

    I finally find out the post office will only charge about $40. I did end up getting the stroller, for $160. But, I am furious with the whole process. They break my stroller and I have to spend my time (which ended up being about 12 hours total), to get a new one. And I was treated absolutely horrible. I was treated like it was my fault. I will ONLY fly Delta again if I absolutely have to!!

    Just a side note….I also had a carry-on that they told me I had to check. I had some candles in there, and they broke all 3 candles and destroyed my bag. They said they would not cover any of that, because they were supposed to be in my carry-on. I told them they WERE in my carry-on, until they made me check it. They didn’t care!!! The total for those was almost $200. These people have really bad business practices. My husband owns a furniture company and if he treated his clients like this, he would have been out of business a long time ago!!

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