Review: Kill A Watt GT P4480
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Reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 03/29/2010
Editors' rating: 8.3/10
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  • “The only negative I could find would have to be the backlight. I can’t
    say I am a fan of the orange backlight, but it is certainly better than
    nothing. I had to shine a flashlight on my old Kill A Watt EZ in order
    to see the display. If the backlight were a blue or green color I would
    be a lot happier.”


    That’s just silly. I just so happens that I LOVE ORANGE and I LOATHE green and/or blue back lights? Why? Blue is harder to see and focus or see than other colors. Green is easier, BUT green is a pukey color. It makes me think of slime and disease. Red would be easier, but yuck. And Yellow could be ok, but it’s just not great. However ORANGE is a mix of red and yellow and is awesome! It’s a sunshine-ish, happy, warm color that is bright, vibrant, easy to see and cheerful. I can’t imagine why someone would take green over orange. Orange is probably the BEST color for LCD displays and I wish more people would use that. Another alternative is simply white. That’s pretty good, but not as nice as orange. That said, YOU don’t like it, but other people likely do. At least I know I love it. I’m ordering one of these! Thanks for the review..

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Review: Kill A Watt GT P4480, reviewed by Ryan McLaughlin on 2010-03-29T10:55:29+00:00 rating 8.3 out of 10