Awards are special at JusTech’n and because of that we put a lot of though into how we give them out. Not every product we review will get an award. We have 5 awards and they indicate how much we liked a product that we have reviewed.

10281The Bronze Award represents a product that is good. The product will be usable, but we found that there were some problems with it. These problems may have made it more difficult to use or

10278The Silver Award is for items that are good, but they lacked one or two key elements that would have made them excellent. This

10275The Gold Award is for Excellent items that contain all the functionality that one would expect from a product of its type. We found no problems with this item or if we did they are so minor that they did not effect the functionality of the product.

10270The Editors Choice Award if for items that are exceptional is every respect. Not only could we not find anything wrong, but we think this is the best in its class. This is the top award that any product can receive. At most we only give these awards out once per month in each category, but not every category will get one.