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    Review: Senta Ally Bluetooth Stereo Speaker w/ FM

    by Ryan McLaughlin ~ October 20th, 2013

    Portable Bluetooth speakers are dime a dozen, but if you have the right one it can be used with a mobile device to boost its audio so that it is more enjoyable and can be shared with others. With so many manufacturers of portable speakers it may be difficult to pick the right one. Today I will be looking at the Senta Ally speaker system and if it is good then hopefully this will make the decision a little easier

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    Review: Straight Talk T-Mobile vs AT&T

    by Ryan McLaughlin ~ March 2nd, 2013

    I recently bought a LG Nexus 4 and because it is unlocked I wanted to use it on a prepaid phone plan. I had previously been using PagePlus, but because this is not a Verizon phone they do not support it. So I had to find a new carrier. After considering my options I went with Straight Talk because they have unlimited data and talk for just $45 a month. However Straight talk uses either T-Mobile or AT&T and I had to choose one before I could use it

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    Review: HP Elitebook 8770w Mobile Workstations

    by Ryan McLaughlin ~ February 22nd, 2013

    The Elitebook Mobile Workstation is HP’s top of the line business notebook, and the 8770w is at the top of that series. The Elitebook 8770w includes several upgrade from last years model, including a faster processor, better screen, and a better video card

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    Review: LG Nexus 4 Phone

    by Ryan McLaughlin ~ December 21st, 2012

    The Nexus 4 phone from LG is Google’s latest attempt at showing the world what a Android phone should look like. The big question that everyone has is, does it meet those high expectations? Well, as usual this all depends on what you are looking for

HP Launches New Home Server for PCs and Macs

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ December 29th, 2008

HP today launched a home server designed for use with both Windows and Mac computers.

Based on the Microsoft Windows® Home Server platform, the HP MediaSmart Server ex485/ex487 is a central repository for automatically backing up and accessing digital music, videos, photos and documents from multiple computers on a home network

How did MAC and PC users vote?

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ December 4th, 2008

This morning as I was driving to work I saw a truck with an Obama08 sticker on one side of the rear window, and a MAC sticker on the other side. Seeing that got me thinking, I wonder if MAC and PC users preferred one presidential candidate over the other

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Review: Razer Lachesis Gaming Mouse

by Thomas Jump ~ November 29th, 2008

One thing gamers seek above all else is an edge; an advantage that gives them the ability to take that 1st place position with ease; the sleek design, light weight and almost instant response time of the Razer Lachesis does just that. The revolutionary 4000DPI (Dots Per Inch) of the Lachesis, 800DPI higher than the competition, will get the crosshairs of your gun on your enemy before he can blink. Combine this with the pulsating light of the Razer emblem on the back of the mouse, the glowing mouse wheel and the gold plated USB head, the Razer Lachesis is literally “drop dead gorgeous.” For the high sensitivity gamers out there this mouse is an answer to your ever higher demands


HP Brings Multi-touch Innovation to Consumer Notebooks

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ November 19th, 2008

HP today announced the industry’s first convertible notebook PC with multi-touch technology designed specifically for consumers


Review: Ergotron Neo-Flex Notebook WorkBase

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ November 17th, 2008

Businesses often buy laptops for their employees, especially when they travel. However, to save time and money the employees are also required to use the laptops when they are in the office. Laptops are not very comfortable to use when at a desk because they sit low on the desk and the keyboards are small. To fix that you need a laptop stand with an external keyboard and mouse


Review: DreamKeeper 400

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ November 17th, 2008

Getting the right amount and quality of sleep is very important. The problem with most people is that they just don’t get the right amount of sleep. There could be a million different reasons why someone would not get good sleep, but there aren’t very many ways to solve them. Most people turn to medication or other non natural remedies to fix their sleep problems. The DreamKeeper 400 is a way to help you sleep without the use of medication

Artisan 700

Review: Epson Artisan 700 printer

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ November 15th, 2008

It seems no matter how many printers I test, they always seem to get better. Each year more features are added and each year the print quality gets better. This year Epson has come out with a couple of new, top of the line, Artisan all-in-one printers. Today I am looking at the Artisan 700 — a multifunction printer that can print photos, CDs and DVDs, scan and copy


Review: Back in a Flash

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ November 15th, 2008

Backing up files on a computer is extremely important, especially when you have irreplaceable files like family photos, or school projects. It is easy to find software that will backup files, but software backup programs are only good if you store the files somewhere else. A hardware backup is much better because it can keep the backed up files separate. Back in a Flash is a small USB drive with backup software built-in to it


Review: Untangle Re-Router

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ November 14th, 2008

Protecting a network from intruders, viruses, harmful websites and other bad things can take a whole suite of software that has to be loaded up on each computer. Not only can this be expensive, but each computer suffers from having all that software running in the background. A better way to handle this would be to dedicate a single machine to the task and make it a full time Gateway. However, not everyone can afford a dedicated machine. That is why Untangle came out with Untangle for Windows, which utilizes its re-router technology


Review: Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico Internet Security

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ November 13th, 2008

Providing network security for computers is a big concern for many. I personally have several pieces of software on each machine that scan for Viruses, Spyware, spam and other harmful programs. Running the software is fine, but it uses up system resources. The Yoggie Pico claims to be able to offload those tasks, which frees up the computer to do other things


Review: TomTom GO 930 GPS with Traffic Receiver

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ November 9th, 2008

Each year new GPS devices come out and each year the companies that make them add features that they think you need. About two years ago I reviewed the TomTom 910, which was a capable GPS. Now it is time to see if the 930 is worth an upgrade

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Review: Visual Land V-Bop Media Player

by Robin Coe ~ November 7th, 2008

With technology being one of the things that is constantly being updated; people are wanting their media players to have lots of different features besides playing music files, and they don‘t expect to pay an arm and a leg for it either. Enter the Visual Land V-Bop, available in several models and colors, it fit’s the bill perfectly by offering music, video, FM radio, voice recording, picture viewing, and E-book reading capabilities. All of this is offered at an unbelievably low price, which is much lower than any of its competitors; such as the iPod shuffle

Following the success of its education-focused mini PC introduced in April, HP today expanded the HP Mini family with three models of a new HP Mini 1000 line


Review: Sangean HDR-1 HD Radio

by Ryan McLaughlin ~ October 19th, 2008

HD radio is a new digital radio format that is suppose to replace the older and more outdated AM and FM radio formats. HD radio broadcasts offer high quality static free signals, however you need a special radio to pick them up. The Sangean HDR-1 HD is one of those special radios

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Review: Acer Aspire One Laptop

by Ryan Knaus ~ October 16th, 2008

This is an Acer Aspire One ultra-portable ‘netbook’ with an 8.9″ screen. It is the 120GB, Windows XP version and the color is Sapphire Blue