Prune Users Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin prunes registered users that have not posted any comments or posts. The list of users that will be pruned can be filtered based on registration date. This process can be useful for deleting spam user accounts that were registered by bots but don’t have any posts or comments associated with them.

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  • I have only tested this in WordPress 2.9


  • Download the file and extract it to your WordPress plugins directory.
  • Enable the plugin.
  • Use the plugin by visiting Settings > Prune Users.


The usage of this plugin is very simple. Just view the options page for the plugin (under Settings > Prune Users) and you will see a radio button: Delete users with no comments or posts, and several optional checkboxes. Just check the options you want and click Submit. Registered subscribers who have no posts or comments will be removed.

Change Log

  • 04-26-2010 Version 1.0 – First release.